The 77s: “The Lust, The Flesh, The Eyes & The Pride Of Life” from Seventy Sevens

The 77's: Seventy Sevens

Now here’s an old and obscure one, but no less good for it.  The 77’s is one of the pioneers of Christian alternative rock, starting out at a time (80’s) when Christian music weren’t hip enough to really contain this sort of on-the-outskirt acts.  It didn’t help that their religious contents were subtler and their lyrics more contemplative and poignant.  This was an era when people in that scene still needed (and still do?) more cookie-cutter message.

This song has been a fan favorite of sorts and it has been revisited numerous times, but having heard the original back when I was a teenager, this original version still packs the most punch to me.

The first stanza below in itself struck me as very un-Christian music at the time, because Christians were supposed to be uplifting and squeaky clean all the time.  I hope that we’ve all collectively learned the value of authenticity since then.

Well, I feel
Like I have to feel
Something good all of the time
With most of life I cannot deal
But a good feeling I can feel
Even though it may not be real
And if a person, place or thing can deliver
I will quiver with delight
But will it last me for all my life
Or just one more lonely night

The lust, the flesh
The eyes
And the pride of life
Drain the life
Right out of me