Porcupine Tree “Shallow” from Deadwing

Porcupine Tree: Deadwing

If you want mass appeal, it seems that the easiest approach is to dumb down.  From news to politics to religion, I sense everybody getting shallower, shorter and quicker.  Fill up the depth, let people know that they are easy and approachable.  Look ma, you can see through to the bottom.  I can figure this one out.  It’s safe.

And certainly that approach probably gets the results.  The goal is to catch the most fish you can with each casting of your net.

But then what would happen to those of us who don’t swim well in shallow waters?

This city drains me
Well maybe it’s the smell of gasoline
The millions pain me
It’s easier to talk to my PC

I live to function
On my own is all I know
No friends to mention
No distraction, nowhere to go

Shallow, shallow
Give it to me, give it to me
Scissors cutting out your anger
Shallow, shallow
No good to me, not if you bleed
Bite your tongue, ignore the splinter

To me, what is worth while is a place so deep that the light doesn’t even shine down there.  You can reach but you can’t begin to guess how far you have to go down.  Just a simple step gets me knee deep.  I can allow myself to sink in, deeper and deeper, not worrying about hitting the bottom.  I can get immersed, and still I discover more, and most importantly, I know there’s much more to discover.

Music is such a place.  Life is such a place.

One liners are great, I use them too.

But if one-liners are all you have to offer —

Perhaps it’s time to stop and take a look at yourself.

You’re not that shallow.  No, you certainly aren’t.