Dada “Time Is Your Friend” from El Subliminoso

Dada: El Subliminoso

Dada was/is an amazing songwriter, but while I have much to appreciate on most other aspects of their catalog — their crafty songwriting, soaring vocals, subtly virtuosic guitar playing, and so on — lyrics, unfortunately, is where I usually have a disconnect.  They tend to stay on quirky, sarcastic or intentionally juvenile topics about some high school fantasies, and while they are all well-crafted, I just can’t relate to them.

This song is one of the few exceptions.  In fact, this song is responsible for hooking me to Dada to begin with — I believe I was sampling this song in a store somewhere (does that mean I was listening to it when it was new — back in 1996?  Possibly) and the chorus just blew me away.  It still does, in fact, I can’t believe they can make it sound so huge with just two voices.  Heroic, profound and surprisingly poignant at the same time, Dada puts their considerable genius into a timeless (pan intended) message, instead of capturing a snapshot of a certain time like they do with many of their other songs.

Time is your friend
Time is your pal
Don’t you try to fight her
Time is a mustang
That you cannot tame
So don’t you try to ride her

Time is a ship
Caught in the wind
It’s never always sinking
Time makes your bed
Then sleeps with your head
Sometimes I can’t stop thinking

I’m wasting so much of my life
Waiting for tomorrow

Ride the rocket
Kiss the locket
The sand is running down
Burn the candle
Turn the handle
I am here, I am now

I have to live now.  Because there’s no other time to live.  Past is gone, future is not here yet.  I know it’s so obvious, but yet those are two dimensions I occupy myself with most of the time.  It’s a message I heard many times yet I still need to fully embrace it.  But every time I put this song on, I have an inspiring reminder.