Allow Me to Introduce You to My Friends

So, here I am with yet another blog.  This is actually a second attempt at creating such a forum.  Years ago I had a blog called, in which I tried to tell the world about meaningful songs.

But I lost momentum, stopped and migrated all content to my main site,  Why?  I just felt that it didn’t offer enough value.  The site didn’t have a clear mission.

Fast forward to 2015.  I am getting old, plus now I have something to sell.  I have a renewed desire to connect to like-minded people.  I know who they are, or at least the kind of people they are.  Because they and I share something in common — our passion for meaningful songs.  I’ve met a few of them in my life, though only a few.

But there have to be more of us.  The music fanatics who live for the thrill of finding songs that make you go “yeah, that’s me.  That’s how I feel.”  Those whose primary motivations for listening to music is to either get goosebumps or shed tears — be moved profoundly.  Those of us with aversion to disposable music.  Those of us who consider songs to be like life blood.  To call it entertainment feels too casual, it doesn’t do justice.  We’re looking for life-changing art.

I know that the best way to attract like-minds is to start broadcasting.  But instead of writing just another blog, I decided this time to do it in video.  It’s even more personal than blogs, because you’ll see me and hear me talk about my songs.  It’s just some guy rambling in front of camera, but you’ll get a better sense of who I am.  It’s a medium my vibe better.   It is very vulnerable thing, too, to talk in front of camera.  Believe me, I feel kinda silly and embarrassed doing it, and I feel even more so when I post — but I’ll get over it.  I’ve spent so long trying to figure out what I have to say, but now I know this is one of them.  So I’m going to try again.

If you ever relate to anything I say, or even better, discover new songs, new meanings, new acts through my broadcasts — please let me know via comments, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  That’s music to my ears, fuel to my engine.

Ari Koinuma
Photo by Judd Sather