Song Reflections: Midnight Oil “Bring on the Change”

Midnight Oil was motivated by talking about things in big scales, from societal and political points of view, and I love them for it.  But as for relating to their songs, I always bring it down to a personal level.

I appreciate this song because ultimately, it is about a desire to change — and the frustration that comes from inability to do so in a quicker, more efficient manner.  Change is to do or be something different from what you’re used to.  Often it comes with a lot of struggle.  I particularly appreciate the end of this song, where the baritone Peter Garrett climbs up to a rare high squeal yelling “change, change, c’mon… change!!”  I feel like somebody grabbing my shoulders, shaking me and screaming in my face.  Sometimes that’s what it takes.

I am the only one who can change, and I am the only thing I can change.  If I don’t change, then I’m giving up one thing over which I have the power to subject to my will.  I do often feel stuck,  feeling powerless — so just to prove to myself that I have the power to change, I’d try small changes.  From where I set my toothbrush to using a different phrase for mundane greetings, I build momentum based on little things that I know are within my control.  And listen to this song.  Remind myself that I have the power.  Amplify that voice in my head.

And change.