Song Reflections: Cloud Cult “There Is So Much Energy in Us”

This is the final song of the epic journey that is the Lightchasers album.  After a long and arduous journey, the crew is tired and exhausted, and they didn’t find what they were looking for.  I love happy endings as much as everybody, I was fortunate enough to have some of those myself — but what’s so real about this song is that it talks about needing to go on.  Whether you find it or you didn’t, you won or you lost, you wake up the next day, go to bathroom and brush your teeth…  Life goes on.

Destinations can be so overrated sometimes.  Life is what happens when you’re on the way.  You’re always on the way somewhere, and if you arrive, then you start going somewhere else.  Achieving your goals, arriving somewhere is fantastic — but after you’re done celebrating, you pick a new destination and keep going again.  That’s what’s good about life.  To have some place to go ahead of you.  To have dreams and hopes still unrealized is a blessing.  They give me reasons to carry on.

Still can’t find it. Still can’t find it.
The fuel is nearly spent. Check the maps again.
Can’t let go of it. Can’t let go of it.
Now the crew is cold and drunk on chemicals.
Can’t believe in it. Can’t believe in it.
And I heard the captain say, I heard the captain say,
“We’ re so close to it, so very close to it.
We still have energy in us.”