Song Reflections: Copeland “Chin Up”

This is a song about keeping up a front, a pretense.  I’m not saying that’s something we shouldn’t do.  I’m glad we all do it, as I wouldn’t be able to handle everybody’s raw stuff all the time… but it does take a great effort, to keep up the social grace.

It takes a great deal of energy to pretend, and to keep a secret.  I really believe that a person who doesn’t need to keep anything hidden is a happy one.  I’m getting more used to opening up, having less to hide.  That being said, though, I still think the public/private divide exists, because we do want to approach it a certain way, to create the kind of impact or interaction that’s inline with our values.

But for a lot of us, that public/private divide exists because of fear.  Fear that we have to hide some parts, that they are not acceptable, that if others could see them you will not be OK.  That’s when it becomes draining, and fragile.  That’s really not a problem we can solve quickly, so while we walk toward that state of having nothing to hide, on the way we just have to take a break and recharge, so we can go back to facing the world.   Maybe next time we’ll do it less from fear, and more from love.