Song Reflections: Genesis “No Son of Mine”

Family is everything.  At least, it starts out that way for all of us.  So when the world = family takes down our being, then we can’t help but go down.  I’m probably not exaggerating when I say that in the history of humanity, more bad parenting happened than good.  We are all carrying ungrown children inside, and then taking it out again on other children.

The history being what it is, if your family ever let you down profoundly, one of the safest places to turn to is music.  In music, you can relive those painful moments.  You can shed tears, howl in rage, unleash all the accusations you can come up with.  It’s not fun, but that’s what we must do, before we can begin to heal, forgive, and let go.

There is no salvation in this song.  Just a harsh tragedy.  It is that way for some of us.

All the more reason to be gentle with each other.