Song Reflections: Emmylou Harris “Deeper Well”

Emmylou Harris “Deeper Well” is a sly observation on what it’s like to look for it.  In modern times, the world is swimming with information and it’s become harder to sift through the noise and find something that offers meaning and depth.  I’m not one to wax poetic about older times, but I do wonder if it was a little easier to find who you are and what your calling is when the choices were more limited and your world was smaller.

I am forever grateful that I didn’t have opportunities to get hooked on substances like cigarettes and alcohol — I consider myself to have very addiction-prone personality — but a lot of times when I see people who are fighting addictions, I see brilliant, gifted people who really needed deeper stimulations (boredom is more painful than people often realize) or something strong to drown out their feelings/pain.  Finding a “deeper well” is critical in filling that void you may feel from being surrounded by oceans of shallow, meaningless information.  I’m thankful that I found music — I hope for everyone to find their bottomless well.