Song Reflections: The 77’s “This Is the Way Love Is”

The 77’s are pioneers of Christian alternative rock but a band I dearly hope would find a wider audience — really, their “religious” content is probably similar to U2’s spirituality and the latter is getting away without being boxed into “Christian” label.  In the other words, these guys are simply a rock act with conscience and spirituality — enjoy them if you’re into that sort of thing.  I am.

This song is from the latter days of their original lineup but it is such a gem.  I’ve heard my share of songs but I’m yet to come across a song about love that is as eloquent and insightful as this one.  It’s really an inspiring experience to listen to a toe-tapping rock tune and hear every line of lyrics and be amazed by its insightfulness.

When I couldn’t find the words, you understood
When I didn’t find the time, you were in no hurry
When I wouldn’t make ends meet, you tied them together
When I cheated you kept to the rules

This is the way love is
When it’s a one-sided double-minded mirror with no reflection

I’m a parent and I get to practice what I think is love everyday, and while it is challenging and frustrating many times, I feel very fulfilled by the experience.  And while being a parent isn’t for everyone, I also see that people (at least in US) often have pets, too — I just think that the need to love someone or something is built into our nature.  It’s just really fundamental and essential — possibly the difference between your life being empty and hollow vs. full and satisfying.  It is a joy to love, as it is to be loved, and I wish for everyone to have that experience.