Songwriting: Learn How to Change Things Up from Counting Crows “Daylight Fading”

Counting Crows: Recovering the Satellite

Counting Crows “Daylight Fading” may come across like a straight forward American rock song — but beneath the surface, there are many twists going on, some subtle and others not.  Twists are not necessary to craft an impactful song, but at the same time, knowing them will make it easier for you to keep your audience interested.  (It is very hard to craft a distinct song with nothing but the basics.)  Here are some of the ways in which the Crows change things up in this song:

  • Verses — using A instead of the expected Am in the key of G.  Experiment by switching major/minor harmonies to see if it adds a fresh sound to your chord progression.
  • Chorus — changes the key from G for the verses to D for choruses, using the A chord as the setup/transition.  Switching keys is a nice way to add contrast and distinction to different song sections.
  • 2nd Verse — a completely different melody from the 1st verse.  Keep listeners engaged by adding at least some variations to verses, rather than repeating the exact same melody.