The Jelly Jam: “Stay Together” from Shall We Descend

The Jelly Jam: Shall We Descend

I believe that any two things have an ideal distance.  And you can tell whether they’re too far or too close by feeling the energy, sensing which way the things are pulling.  Do you feel the urge to get closer, or pull farther away?  It’s a dynamic thing, and it’s constantly changing.

And yearning is the feeling that happens when your relationship with someone is farther away than you’d like.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that you are actually meant to be closer — it’s just that you were hoping to be.  And it can be painful when your desires and the reality don’t match up.  You are wanting to be closer, but whatever you try, it’s just forcing it and it doesn’t stay that close.

This song is the plea of that person who wants a relationship where there isn’t one.  Set amidst a minor key groove, Ty Tabor’s thin tenor comes across like someone who’s trying to make an appeal to a lover, when things are falling apart.  What he’s saying really doesn’t make any sense, except that it conveys an urgency.  The more he asserts with the chorus line repeating “I think we can stay together” what comes out is his desperation, his need to force the issue by making hollow claims based not on what’s going on but what he wants.

Staring into nothingness everything outside my observation
It doesn’t mean that I don’t care
Thoughts colliding aimlessly trying to make out a constellation
It doesn’t mean that I’m not there and I don’t care

Is the show nearly over
Can we leave?

Forget the weather
I think that we could stay together
Stay together now
My eyes are  feathered
I think that we could stay together
Stay together now

Have I been there?  By golly yes.  And that’s why I feel grateful to have an honest song like this.  I’ve said plenty of things in the heat of the moment, hoping that if I just communicate how strongly I feel, things will just fall in the place where I want them to be.  And when I’m acting out of that desperation, it never really comes together.

That’s why it’s better to listen to this song, pour it out of my heart, so I don’t have to act like this.  Forcing a relationship never works.

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