What 2016 Meant to Me

Predictably, the end and beginning of a year is a time of reflection.  A lot can happen in a year.  In my 2016, here are some of the things I went through with my artistic pursuit.

  • I started releasing singles as Aristotle’s Hope.
  • This was the first year in which I was always either writing or recording songs.  Last fall I vowed to do so, and I kept that promise, and I feel secure in maintaining that focus.
  • I read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, and took this advice to my heart: “just write anything and put it out there with reckless abandon.”
  • I took a pause on various web sites and platforms I was working on and decided to consolidate everything to a single web site.  Which means that my music, personal development, musicianship and guitarist contents all live in one place, even though they all have different audience.  Well, that hasn’t really happened yet but that’s sort of the direction it’s going.  The important part it that I stopped compartmentalizing myself for this or that audience, I’m going to put everything in one bucket and let someone else sort it out.
  • I took a huge step in the fall to work with my business coach Tom Volkar and read Michael Brown’s The Presence Process.  There are so many things I learned and realized during that time, this was a period that will shape the rest of my life.  I gained a deeper understanding of how our mind and emotions work, clarified my mission and values.
  • I had a photo shoot with a gifted photographer Amy Colleen, the output of which I’ll start using more in 2017.

All my years are rich in growth and realizations and this year wasn’t an exception.  Life offers so much depth and room to explore, I keep learning and learning and I’ll never run out of room to grow.  This is a life worth living!  I am really excited about what I’m going to do in 2017.

Finally, I want to express my gratitude to all my mail list subscribers, YouTube subscribers, Twitter followers, Facebook friends and likers, Instagram followers, and any and all of you who took the time out of your life to engage with me.  Thank you!  Art is an act of creating experience and it requires a creator and audience for it to become complete.  I view our relationship as that of a true collaboration.  You are the one that gives meaning and purpose to what I do.  I have much more to share in the coming years and I look forward to working with you to make our co-creations worthwhile, impactful, and fulfilling.