Everything Is an Experiment

Life is an experiment.

Everything I do is an experiment.

I may have a hypothesis or not.  It may produce desired outcomes or not.  It’s all an experiment.

When I look at everything I do as an experiment, I can detach myself from the outcomes.  If undesired outcomes occur, all I need to do is to learn from it.  There is no need to pump my fist in frustration.  Undesired outcomes are better teachers than desired ones.  It simply means that I needed more learning.  All experiments are successes, when they produce something we can learn from.  And we can learn from anything.

I need to adapt this worldview because I am an over-committer.  I take on endeavors with big dreams and ambitions, convinced that my approach is going to produced desired outcomes.  And get crushed when they don’t.  These are all unnecessary drama.  This may be a bad advice if I had a commitment-phobia, but I do not.

Experiments are fun.  Experiments are exploratory.  Experiments are light-hearted.  Experiments are curious.

That’s how my life can be.

And that sounds like a good life.