What I Intend for 2017 (Part 3)

To conclude the annual intention series, I’d like to share with you how I plan to approach realizing them.

My intention is to fill the year with the five experiences that are the goals of my pursuits.  To recap, they are the experience of feeling:

  1. blessed to spend time making music
  2. proud of my body
  3. thrilled to learn that someone resonated deeply with what I created (music, blog, video, etc.)
  4. confident about my guitar playing
  5. confident about my singing

And here is my action plan:

  • I wrote them down and will revisit them daily first thing in the morning and last ting before falling asleep.  Basically I try to imagine what it’s like to feel those feelings.
  • I created a chart where I log the days in which I experienced them.  For example, yesterday I was practicing the guitar and I got to a zone where I experienced a sense of freedom in my playing.  So that was an entry for #4.
  • I ask the Universe how to create those experiences and wait for the answer.  When a hunch arrives, I pursue them in the spirit of experiment.  For example, right now I am experimenting with low-carb diet for #2.
    • The focus is on establishing habits/routines that engages me to activities that lead to these experiences.  From sitting down to simply listen to music to practicing my signature licks on guitar, my intent is to routinely create chances where the above experiences can occur.

Now, I am a tad concerned that having a list of five is too much.  They are all important to me but my experience is that the longer the list, the more stretched the effort and thus less progress.  If I feel this happening, I’ll consider prioritizing.  #1 is the highest priority, followed by #3 and then it’s a toss-up for #4 and #5.

Finally, I’ll check back in on these intentions either on a monthly or quarterly basis, so I can share with you how they are going.

We’ll see how it goes.