Transforming Guns n Roses “Patience” into an Asian folk song

My Minnasia singer Voua ‘Bob’ Yang posted a video of him performing Guns n Roses “Patience” translated entirely in his native Hmong.  He also played a penny whistle in the intro, which provides further folky vibe.

I did all the guitars and mixed it.  “Patience” was one of the first rock songs I learned, and it was fun to play it again.  It’s not a perfect recording by any means, but I didn’t want it to be — this was meant to be a quick cover and I left some obvious mistakes in there.  🙂

But above all it’s great to have Bob back in action!  He’s diligently developed his mixed voice over the last several years, and now he is ready to sing to the world.  I am fortunate that he counts on me as one of his go-to collaborators.  He is the most unblocked human being I know — the phrase “can’t” doesn’t exist in his book.  Whatever he sets is sight on, he gets it done.  Watching him in action up close is quite inspiring actually.

And it’s a good reminder to myself that I am the only one who’s setting limits.  Oh silly me.