Annual Goals Update: Early March

So I set out to experience five specific experiences as often as I can.  And this is how I fared in the first couple of months.

Date/Experience Time Body Connection Sing Guitar
Feb 24 Y Y Y
Feb 22 Y
Feb 20 Y
Feb 15 Y Y
Feb 14 Y
Feb 10 Y
Feb 9 Y
Feb 2 Y
Jan 30 Y
Jan 29 Y
Jan 23 Y Y
Jan 22 Y
Jan 21 Y
Jan 6 Y Y
Jan 4 Y Y
Jan 3 Y Y

This reveals that I am still challenged in the areas of most importance.  Most days I still feel like it’s a fight to carve out time to make music.  I did better early on because I had time off, but now every day is a grind.  I have so many fun things to work on and that’s exciting, but time feels very fleeting.

And my feelings toward my body are ambivalent at best.  My low-carb diet and exercise routines are still intact, in fact I’ve re-introduced a more regular exercise routine (albeit a lighter one) after falling out of it for several months in the fall of 2016.  I just feel like body is a slow-changing thing, though I am seeing changes I like.

On the other hand, the frequent feeling of making connections is very encouraging.  I have been keeping up with my blogging routine and momentum is building inside of me.  It’s a great feeling to broadcast your voice and know that people are connecting to it.  So if you are reading this, thank you!!

All in all I still feel like this approach to goal setting is valid.  I’ll continue to update you on this every so often.