Make It Easy to Win

It’s better to make it easy to win. 

I like to dream big and be ambitious. I want to achieve things fast. 

But it is so easy to set lofty goals and then fall short. Sure, shoot for the moon and landing on a star work for some people, and that’s still good. But it’s just too easy to see that as a failure and not success. You can accuse me of seeing the glass as half empty, but….

Some things are better done slowly. Many things are better to do it often in small increments for a long time. And above all, let us acknowledge that starting is hard, and sustaining is harder. 

Life is hard enough, and I am the one who’s most often making it so.

So I learned to set goals that are easy. So easy that I can laugh at it. 

Instead of saying I need to exercise for 30 minutes everyday, I say I win if I just show up to move my body.  

Instead of saying I need to practice the guitar for 1 hour everyday, I say I win if I pick up the guitar. 

And I never say everyday, really.  If I hit 80% that’s good enough. Or maybe even 50%.

Now, I do end up exercising longer most of the days. But even if I don’t I still win. 

I just need to show up. Show up often, but most importantly keep showing up over a long haul. 

If you feel like a loser or a failure, you can try this approach. Make it easy to win. Get used to winning, make it your new norm. 

And I’d like to say this to all of us. We are all good existence. We are here for a reason. 

So even if we do nothing else, we win by simply continuing to exist. Show up another day, take another breath. Do not dismay about whatever failures and lack of achievements you perceive. 

We are still here, which makes us winners. 

We are enough.