Modern Technology Powers Music

The big news is that my catalog of original recordings is coming to a streaming service near you!  18 songs in this batch.  (There will be some that will remain in Bandcamp and Patreon for now.)  You will be able to find both my acts, Minnasia and Aristotle’s Hope.  Exact dates vary by the service — I’ll let you know when I know.

I am releasing them through DistroKid, an indie music distribution service. I learned about them from Derek Sivers (founder of CDBaby — someone I highly respect) and signed up like 2 years ago. But last year personal issues got in the way and I never released anything until now.  

Serendipitously, DistroKid reached out to me to offer sponsoring one of my YouTube videos, which will come out soon. I felt nudged, really, by the Great Unknown…. The setting up process was so fast and easy, I was amazed. DistroKid did a great job, and I would say that even if they weren’t sponsoring me. 

I am grateful that our society is at a place where independent music is a legitimate industry. It’s easy for musicians to complain, because it is hard to make sizable income out of music. But I believe that the current time is amazing for musicians. We have technology and infrastructure that make making and releasing music so accessible. You don’t need gatekeepers of yesteryears to approve you. I am glad to be a musician now rather than in any of the past eras. I can record a whole rock album on my own in my bedroom! How empowering is that? 

This is certainly not true of other countries / cultures. I don’t think it’s the same in Japan, for example. I have not heard of any Japanese equivalent of DistroKid (maybe there is, someone tell me if so). 

So yes, I am grateful to live in one of the most advanced societies, where arts are established as a valid industry. Arts are critical to the survival and thriving of our inner beings (more on this on another post). More of us engaging in artistic / creative endeavors is a good thing, it makes the world a better place. And kudos to businesses and organizations that empower that. 

What modern tools and infrastructures empower your creative activities? Do any of you think that now is worse than by-gone eras? Let me know.