Vulnerable Words to Heroic Music

Music doesn’t need words to be powerful. It doesn’t need meaning to be emotional.

That means if we are bothering to put words to music, we better make them count. You may be surprised but this doesn’t always happen. Certain genres and traditions use words simply as something to “mouth” the melody with, without regard for what the words really mean. There is nothing wrong with that, but I see a missed opportunity.

Words are powerful in their own right, and when words and music work together in cohesion the end result can be magical.

I gravitate towards songs that tell me things that have a hard time showing up in regular conversations. Things that are true but hidden and yearning to be understood.

These things are hidden for a reason. There is risk involved in coming face to face with them. They may reveal things you’d rather not know. They may not make you look good or feel strong. But they are true and truths want to be acknowledged, understood and accepted.

The thing is called vulnerability. And I think all who dare to be vulnerable are brave.

Maybe that’s why heroism is the feeling I look for the most in music. When words make me vulnerable, I’d like to feel buoyed and carried by music that makes me feel brave. Perhaps it gives me the courage I don’t have.

This is sort of an ideal, a vision for music: vulnerable words carried by heroic music. Obviously I don’t need every song to be that, but when I find one it means a great deal.

I did achieve that ideal in one of my old songs. The words are a bit crude but this music is so “me” it just lifts me up. There are all kinds of feelings there, from anger to confusion to longing. But there is nothing uncertain about the music, it is bold and muscular. 

The song is called “PK”.

I feel alone today
I can’t decide the way
A man knows wrong from right
A man must claim his right
But I feel alone today

Free me now

I feel the pain today
I can’t decide my way
Oh be on your guard my boy
Don’t play with his little toy
Young means I don’t know what to say
But you’re the same

Free me now
Don’t turn me all down

Did he lie to me?
Was I really saved?

Free me now
Don’t turn me all down

Today it’s available on major streaming platforms.  The links to major platforms are below.

What songs make you feel like a hero?  Let me know.  Thank you.