Making a Difference Is a Win-Win

I want to make a difference.

“Oh golly there he goes again,” you may be thinking. I would, too, if I saw someone say that, so I am with you — you have my full permission. What kind of goody-two-shoes would say that straight faced?

But I will be honest. I want to make a difference because it’s fun and exciting like nothing else. See, I identify as an empath and I can feel what others are feeling as if the feelings are mine (if I tune in). So no, I’m not some saint with exceptional moral uprightness. I’m just looking for my fix, my drug. And there’s no other high than when I get to give advices and it actually provides useful insights.

OK I am making it sound as if I’m just using other people’s problems as my prey, something to consume for my own hunger. It’s not that sinister. If someone comes to me with a problem that is eating him/her away, my heart will well up with compassion, because I feel your pain. Expressing compassion is one of my four core values. I feel humbled any time someone trusts me with their most vulnerable, personal concerns, and I handle with care and respect, I take that responsibility very seriously.

Not every song I write are compassionate, but most are and it is the strongest driving force in my creativity. I love to tackle big problems and offer my insights, and it can be a magical, powerful thing when it’s delivered through well-executed music. Any relatable music helps you feel that you are not alone. I feel ecstatic when a song offers me wisdom and insights. Not many songs reach those heights, but all my heroes are compassionate and sensitive. Because their sensibilities are tuned that way they are more likely to place golden nuggets in their songs. Toad the Wet Sprocket. King’s X. Cloud Cult. SHEL. U2.

I’m just sharing this with you because I believe and hope it’s a win-win. You have big problems. We all do. Not many are able to give great advices. I believe this is one of my strengths, and I enjoy using it. I would like to be known for having insights that help with big, bad problems. Both through songs and in person. Because that helps both of us.

Do you need someone to talk through life’s big, bad problems? I’m here for you.