Being Heard

I never realized how important it is for humans to feel heard.

As I grow in my understanding of how our mind and body work, I am blown away by how singularly important this needs is.

Have you ever had the experience of finding the answers to your questions while you were telling someone about your questions?  It’s happened to me many times. We are more capable than we give ourselves credit for, but what unlocks us is the experience of being heard.

Meeting this need can have a transformative effect. Create a safe space for a person to be able to spew anything and everything that’s on his/her mind. And have someone there who can hear it out, understand everything. If you are stuck, it can get you unstuck. If you are suffering, it can reduce your pain. If you are looking for something, you may find a clue. It can change lives.

It’s not easy. It takes time and effort. Listening and acknowledging are special skills that need to be developed.  But I have this, and I’d like to offer it to anybody who needs it.  If you are reading this, if you follow me, then you are my friend. I care about you.  Please know that you can DM me any time. If there’s something you need to get out of your head, something that needs to be understood and validated — I am here for you. Hit me up any time.