Remove the Lid on Happiness and Power

Look. I get it. The world is suffering. You are a conscientious person. You care about what everybody else is going through.
For this reason, let’s remove the lid on happiness. It is not callous of you to be happy when others are sad. You don’t flaunt it in their face, do you? When others are down, it’s those who are still up that can help them.
And look, I get it. Everybody else is feeling powerless. They feel jaded and cynical. They are thinking about all the things they’d rather change but they failed in the past. Now they believe it’s beyond their reach. They don’t know that history doesn’t have to repeat after you learn the lesson.
Will it be helpful if you join them? Or will it be more helpful if you show them, or be an example of someone who can, make life whatever you intend it to be? To do things others find undoable?
When you do that, one of two things will happen. Those who entrenched themselves into their powerlessness will resent you. They will call you a fraud and try to find out how you cheated.
But those who are less entrenched and still hanging on to hope, will find you inspiring. They will see the goodness in you because they still have it, too. That common ground will be the conduit of your intention. That you mean well. That you want to help. Claiming and wielding your power enables you to do so.
We will watch out for hubris. But we have faith that your power will not corrupt you. For you will see the positive effect of your power on those around you. You will feel humbled and grateful to be a positive influence. Temptations will not reach you in that place.
So it’s time to stop playing small. You can shatter the glass ceiling. We’ll help you clean up the shattered pieces. Don’t hold back. Have a rollicking good time. Those wings will net melt even when you get close to the sun. Release all restraints. Let yourself go.