The Parallel between Body and Mind

My nemesis, downdog split. Actually I don’t look half as bad as I thought I would. At least my leg goes higher than my hip. I couldn’t do that a year ago. My hamstrings are tight, my glutes weak. My whole lower body shakes the moment I attempt this and I can’t hold it for long.
Our body offers such parallel to our mind, it continues to blow me away. You stretch it with gentle and firm pressure. You strengthen with the right degree of challenge. And like body, every time you show up with intention your mind can grow in flexibility, resolve and stability. Or you can sit on your butt and let it get stagnant.
I used to exercise for the fear that I didn’t I would stay ugly and unlovable. Now I do because I enjoy how my body feels when I move it. It’s the same activity but the motivation is completely different. I am healthy and lovable as I am, and moving makes the experience of living with it better.
Who’s with me? 🤘🙌