Stone Temple Pilots “Interstate Love Song” Full Band Cover

I threw this together on a whim over the weekend. I was surprised to find that I could do it, and be happy with the result!

It’s kind of blowing my mind because when I started YouTube years ago, I originally thought that if I could do full production covers on a regular basis, that’ll be the ultimate. I never thought that I had much to offer by doing covers or originals by myself with just my acoustic guitar. Where my strengths shine is with these full productions where I can use my arranging chops. But as a non-drummer that would require me painstakingly programming MIDI drums, which takes a long time…. I just couldn’t see myself being able to do that on a regular basis. But with Apple’s recent Drummer feature, that problem is no more, at least for songs that have mostly steady beats. I put the basic tracks together here in a couple of hours.

So that means that for the first time, churning out full production recordings at a regular interval is within my means.

I have to tell you, I am feeling a bit like a kid who’s all the sudden given the key to the forbidden room full of toys. Looking at the door going “really? Can I really play in here as much as I want to?” Feeling more trepidation than excitement. As if someone is going to come and slap my hand.

But…. really. I did this in two days. Video editing took a few more hours so couldn’t release it on Monday but still.

This may change the trajectory of my YouTube channel. I know this year I already switched things up…. but the whole reason why I have been doing more talking than playing all along is because I just didn’t have time to put together something worthwhile. And that just changed.

What do you think? Will you be interested in seeing me more full production recordings?