Passion Project

Some people go a great length to create meaning.

Some run a marathon. Some write a novel. I once met a man who swam laps daily, and was counting the distance. His goal? The circumference of earth. Yes, he worked on it for years.

I was listening to my next single, “Hurt Cause Machine.” And it made me feel like I am about to submit a thesis for a graduate degree. (I know someone who’s doing that right now, too, though that’s not just a passion project.)

It feels like that, because it’s a big, ambitious piece. 9 minutes is a long time for rock n roll. And not only that, this song is going to be a new statement piece. When I meet someone new who’s curious about my music, I’ll point her/him to this song. From songwriting to guitar playing to lyrics, this song epitomizes what I’ve always wanted to make. I do feel a sense of accomplishment in releasing it.

My dream was to make original music and create a community around it. Music has that power, to create a sense of belonging. I belong to 2-3 of those now, where people know me, and music was the reason we got together. They are the best.

I’m going to release this song on Monday. Then I’m going to start working on an album. It’s going to be bigger and more ambitious than a 9-minute single. A whole album that tells a story. If this song was my master’s, I’m going for a PhD next. Just because it’s my f***ing passion.

If you’ve followed me and heard my music,

If you know a bit about my journey and want to help me make this music,

If you have a passion project yourself and want to empower folks who pursue them (including yourself),

Please join this community around my music.

Patreon is a platform in which people form communities around artists, creators, visionaries. Membership is $1 per month. It’s not about the money, for now. I’m just looking for friends who are willing to help me pursue my passion.

I’m going to share “Hurt Cause Machine” with my patrons today. I’d love to see you there.