Seen as You Are

Social media is a love/hate thing, I go through phases with it. I admire those who are more consistent and comfortable.
I suspect that my codependence or social immaturity has something to do with it. Lots of questions cross my mind every time I post. “Am I providing value?” “Does this help me or anyone else?” “Will this get me in trouble when I run for public office in my 70s?” 😓
I know that all I need to do is just show up and be seen. As I am. I am already a good person, an interesting person. I have social and relational needs, which is OK. To begin to meet them, I show up and be seen.
But that’s like the scariest thing, no?
In 2021 my primary goal is to get comfortable being a recording artist. I’m trying to give myself permission to not concern with all else. It’s OK if I post anything else, but it’s also OK if I don’t.
My monkey brain keeps yapping at me that I should be doing this or that. If I were someone else, I can see through the chatter and focus on the essence. If you wondered where your beauty and strengths are, come to me and I can tell you after spending a very short while together. But even though I spend a lot of time with me, I’m a blur and have low confidence in my self assessment.
Where is this meandering post going? I don’t know. 😅 I had quite up and down time the last few weeks, so I just wanted to show up and share what’s on my mind.
I exist today. And my sacred work of making music is on my plate. I am grateful to have energy for it, which hasn’t been the case some of the days.
I hope you also see a point in your existence today. You and I are OK to exist, and be seen, as we are.