2021 Album Announcement

What does an “album” mean in today’s music?

An album is a bigger collection of songs. I think it still has a meaning. As audience you just don’t get as excited about singles or even an EP. An album is significant. It’s a statement. “Revolver,” “Dark Side of the Moon,” “The Joshua Tree.” Rock bands I listen to still release albums. Even though internet says it’s better to release bite-sized things more often.

I am recording an album right now. It’s a concept album about existential crisis.

“Achtung Baby” is one of my most influential albums. While it’s not known as a concept album, actually it has an arc. It’s about a relationship going through a crisis. When I learned that through interviews, my fascination grew tenfold. These songs had a reason to be grouped together and sequenced in that particular way. That made a lot more sense to me, compared to albums that seemed to cobble together random songs in random order.

It is not autobiographical, but it has pieces of what I went through the last few years. It has 9 songs and all but one were written in 2020. I started writing songs about what I needed to hear in my trying times. After a few I realized there was a story, and one unreleased old song would play a pivotal moment.

I started recording in 2020, but I shelved it because I felt I wasn’t ready. I needed to tackle smaller work to get my chops up. But I also knew that these songs should not wait long. They represent a particular period of my life and they will get out of touch if they sit on shelves for many years. After feeling good about my epic single “Hurt Cause Machine” I felt it was time to tackle this work. I’m glad I waited.

I hope these songs will be there for some people in their time of need.

I don’t know when it will come out yet, but I am hopeful that it’ll be some time in 2021.

If you’d like to support me in this work and get in-depth and in-progress look, please join my Patreon, starting at $1/month. You’ll get to see these songs transform from raw acoustic material to an epic concept album.


Thank you for listening.