This Song Is My Friend

I don’t know why, but feeling understood is like fuel to me.

If I know that someone understands how I feel, it somehow gives me energy to go on.

I don’t know why that is. Knowing that my feelings are not mine alone is important, apparently.

But it’s always hard to know exactly how someone feels. You have to really walk in that person’s shoes. Understand her/his personalities and prior life experiences.

That’s where music comes in. I can connect to songs that share the feelings I’m carrying. It’s not the same as talking to a trusted friend but it has its advantages. Music is more available and in some ways reliable. Music doesn’t freak out when you burst into tears all the sudden, for example.

When I write songs, this is one of my main motivations. I am creating a friend out of the feelings that I wish I could share with someone. As I said above, it’s hard for someone else’s songs to meet me exactly where I am…. so I make my own.

My recent single “Hurt Cause Machine” raised its hand when I asked my songs which needed to be next. I’ve been turning to him a lot. Words are abstract and impressionistic enough to reveal different nuances and interpretations. But this music reaches down inside me, very deep. 

“If you live, if you live your life through crawling beneath the floor
If you weep, if you weep out loud while evening out the score
When you shatter, when you unravel and dismantle your core
Come, take my hand, it’s time we leave this life under their arch” 

Aristotle’s Hope “Hurt Cause Machine” is now available on all streaming services.