Will You Sing with Me in a Virtual Choir for Mental Health?

Thanks for your interest in participating in the “World Is Better” campaign!

If you’d like to participate in the virtual choir, here are what you need:

  1. A smartphone
  2. A computer, tablet or similar device that can play a YouTube video
  3. Earphones to listen to #2 (optional)
  4. Google account (not an absolute must… more on that below)

And you can either:

  1. Learn the song and sing! Or
  2. Clap along. 
  3. Please don’t do both at the same time — you are welcome to submit separate videos for each, however.

For everyone

  1. Make sure you are in a well-lit (and not too noisy) area.  
  2. Set your smartphone somewhere to take a selfie video of you singing or clapping.
  3. Plug your headphones/earphones to the computer or tablet that’s going to play back the YouTube video.
  4. Practice: Start the YouTube video and sing/clap along while looking at your phone. 
    1. There are 8 beats of count-off at the beginning.  Ideally, start the video recording on beat 5. 
    2. After the count-off, the clapping pattern happens 4 times before the singing starts. (Singers, just smile during this time 😊)
  5. Record a take!  (or two, or — how ever many times you want!) 
  6. Once you have a take you like, you can upload it here.
    1. Unless you know how to do it directly from your phone, it’s easier if you “share” or send or save your video to your computer.
    2. Open the above link on the computer.
    3. You will need to be logged in to your Google account. 
    4. Optional: Please rename the file with the name you’d like to be credit as in the release/video. (Example: john-smith.mov)
    5. After you upload it, please send me a note via one of the methods below, so I can let you know when the recording or the video is up. 
      • By uploading you are giving me permission to use your video and audio for this song. 
        • But I retain the right not to use the material you submit. 
      • If you don’t have Google account but still want to participate, please contact me using one of the methods below.
      • I’ll do my best to help you with uploading.  Please contact me using one of the methods below if you need help. 

For Singers

  • The complete lyrics are at the bottom of this instructions
  • Please position your phone so your face appears as big as possible
  • Harmonies are welcome! (You are welcome to submit more than one video.)

For Clappers

  • Please hold your hands close to the face and make your face be as big as possible
  • Smile! Or you can mouth the words silently.
  • If you don’t want to show your face, just point the camera to your clapping hands!

Contact Me

I can be reached by one of the methods below:


Sometimes the going gets tough
Sometimes you fear it’s too rough
Sometimes you think you’re unfit
But the world is better with you in it

Sometimes you feel so unsure
Sometimes there’s no real cure
Sometimes you’re stuck in a pit
But the world is better with you in it

The world is better
The world is better
The world is better with you in it (x2)

I know the pain is overwhelming
And it feels like forever
But you’re not alone in suffering
And your light still shines and lights our path brighter

So know that you are enough
Know that you are loved
Know that there’s a place where you fit
‘Cause the world is better with you in it

The world is better
The world is better
The world is better with you in it (x4)