22 Albums That Changed My Life (Part 2)

This is a series walking back the time line in my journey as a music fan.  The previous post covered the teenage years — now we’re getting to my 20s. — U2 Achtung Baby Like everyone else, I was just blown away by the transformation.  The Edge’s guitars were so distorted and …

Songwriting Analysis: Alice in Chains “Man in the Box”

“Man in the Box” in my mind is the prototype of Alice in Chains.  The earliest example of their very distinct sound/style.  How do they conjure up their signature heaviness?  From the songwriting point of view, here are some elements we can observe: Impressively succinct main riff that utilizes 3-2-3 …

Song Reflections: Alice in Chains “Hollow”

You know nobody’s looking, nobody will know.

Can you fight off the temptations and take the high road?

For example, bullies are not happy people.  They are taking it out on somebody who seems weaker.  Somebody who doesn’t, won’t fight back.

But when you sit in a quiet place — how do you feel about it?  Don’t you feel… hollow?

We have all done something we’re not proud of.  Stuff that you’d rather keep hidden.

But they will sit there, creating hollowness, until you dig them out.


Alice in Chains: “Check My Brain” from Black Gives Way to Blue

Sometimes, if you want to say something personal and vulnerable, it’s easier if you wrap it up in a disguise.  That’s why you can tell things on anonymous internet that you can’t to your best friend.  If you wear a mask of crown, what will come out? That’s what I …