22 Albums That Changed My Life (Part 2)

This is a series walking back the time line in my journey as a music fan.  The previous post covered the teenage years — now we’re getting to my 20s. — U2 Achtung Baby Like everyone else, I was just blown away by the transformation.  The Edge’s guitars were so distorted and …

Song Reflections: Harrod & Funck “Hand Draws Flowers”

A sense of beauty, mystery and fragility co-exist in this gorgeous song full of soaring, yearning melodies and intricate guitar arrangements.  Singing about a loved one — immersing deeply in the sentiments of the moment, only to come to the realization that “soon you will be gone.”   All relationships are temporary, and it’s up to us to take these moments in, make the most of it.  Relationships are fragile, too.  Not to dwell on fear, but when you experience such beauty, you have to be all present to receive it fully.