Looking for My Song to Sing (3 Key Questions in Any Pursuits)

I’m doing vocals for the song I’m working on.  Vocals are always a bit of struggle for me.  I love to sing but what I hear in my head and what comes out are two different things. Vocal is one example of where the concept of “discovering who you are …

Song Reflections: Porcupine Tree “Shallow”

Cheap thrills, quick fixes, instant gratifications — we are inundated with multi-sensory assaults.  It’s so easy to become distracted and lose sight of important things.  But the thing is, important things also take more efforts — efforts to get into it, efforts to do it right, efforts to give it some thought.  After spending all day warding off shallow things, you are tired and grumpy, and don’t have the willpower left to get to those heavy, important things.  So you end up grabbing the shallow things.  And feel mad about it.

This song is about that anger.  Anger to the world, for filling itself with these shallow things.  Anger to oneself, for giving in, for craving, for getting used to it.  It is not a happy state.  But you begin your change, by channeling your feelings through art, such as this.