Song Reflections: Socionic “Epiphany”

If you work hard, you’ll get rewarded.

When we’re looking for something — achievements, inner peace, happiness — hard work is what will get us there.

That’s one of the values I was handed.  But it’s not as true as I’d like it to be.  We work hard, but sometimes we bang our heads on walls.  Get stuck.  Hard work is not reaping results.

The title of the song could be referring to one of the two revelations here: that of enlightenment, a break-through, or that of realizing that we can’t get there, that we are forever stuck, that we must surrender.  While the song does dwell on the latter, it’s been my experience that a break-through often comes only after you accept things for what they are.

The ways to get to the destination often aren’t limited to one specific ways.  When we focus on a particular path and get too fixated, we would get stuck if we run into these impenetrable walls.  But it may just be that you were knocking on a wrong door. And the experience of that getting stuck can be an eye opener, to look at a wider perspective and continue your pursuit from a new angle.

This song is about being stuck, and being angry about it.  But anger, as you can see in this propelling song, has a lot of energy. If you were truly stuck and truly giving up all of it, you’ll wither and embody lethargy and apathy.  You only get angry because you still care.

And if you still care, that means you haven’t truly given up — perhaps the particular path you are taking is a dead-end and you need to accept it.  But I’d say, it’s just a moment to take a deep breath and look around.  Be angry, scream in frustration, but also remember that you still have that energy.  There are always more doors to knock on.