I’m a man of many thoughts and I used to maintain a few blogs dedicated to different topics and audiences.  But now I post them all here at, mostly because these are all subjects I’m passionate about and I’m the sum of all of them.

Here are the topics I post about:


My Music

First and foremost, I’m a musician.  I play the guitar, sing, write, record and produce songs, which tend to be extended progressive rock songs about finding hope in dark places.


Life Insights

I have a passion for personal development, mental/emotional health, and spirituality.  From practical tips to introspective musings, I share what I learn about living a well-lived life, and getting better at it.


Music Commentary

I enjoy writing about other people’s music, too, because I am a fan first.  This topic covers reviews of recordings and occasional live shows, discussions about what songs mean to me, and observations about how music impacts life.


For Musicians (under construction)

I love to mentor and coach, and while I’m still very much a student myself, again I like to share what I learn.  These tend to be posts about musicianship, music career, and finding your voice as an artist.